The numbers are always the secrets any lottery players would like to own the best solution to predict them to raise winning rate. Among a lot of different methods, checking 4d past result history to discover a too 4d lucky number is quite effective as playing Keputusan toto. However, what players need to do with this method to attain the best efficiency. This writing will give you 5 useful tips to implement this.


  • Check 4d past result history frequently

You need to supervise 4d past result history to know the trend of winning numbers, since then you will be easier to guess for the next winning numbers. Therefore, you should spend time some minutes to access to the lottery website to know what winning numbers are to make a chart or table to take note all for research and create new lucky numbers.

  • Follow and write down winning numbers with the high probability

During the process check the previous 4d toto result today, you will take note all winning numbers of each draw. Especially, you should write down and highlight the winning numbers with the high probability, then research ways to generate relevant numbers from them to have more choice for your own 4d toto lucky numbers.

  • Find a good lottery website to research the previous draw rapidly and exactly

You should look for and save the reliable online lottery site address with good service in your laptop or any mobile device in order that you are possible to check the draw result anytime rapidly and exactly. A good lottery website will arrange and collect the 4d result history more clearly for you to find and see.

  • Draw a strategy to find out 4d toto lucky number from the past result

You cannot lack an effective strategy to have lucky numbers from researching the past result. With a good long term and clear strategy, your winning rate will be higher because the probability you have potential numbers will be better, so do not forget to own a strategy.

  • Utilize other methods to create more fortunate number from the past history

There are any ways for lottery players to guess lucky numbers through each draw like base on the birthday, name or special days, etc. You are possible to combine between the previous draw result with these solution to expand the chance of appearing more your fortunate numbers. Since then you are going to have more selections to raise winning percentage.

The above 5 tips will be the best key to open the secrets behind the numbers through the past result with Keputusan toto. You had better to study and keep in mind these methods to become more and more master. The success and fortune will laugh on you if you can take advantage of well this way to have potential 4d numbers. Try your luck now to get the incredible prize. Good luck!


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