5 Tips to make more of your winning Toto Malaysia

Toto4d lucky Number: 6345

Everyone knows that Toto Malaysia is an exciting and fun experience of betting games and there are many prizes players can get from it. However, to win these amazing prizes, you must using strategies instead of buying blindly. Even if you have a lot of money, you should not waste it by buy all the Toto tickets. So, consult our following tips to increase the total you win, if you do win.


Firstly, avoid numbers might be chosen by many people

You should know that there is only one jackpot prize, but if there are many people win the jackpot prize, you are going to share the winning amount with other winners. No one want to share that RM100 million jackpots with 10 other people do you? Nowadays, online casinos that offer lottery services often provide lucky numbers for next draws. But you should know that many people can pick the lucky numbers and there are ways to make reasonable assumptions, right?

Secondly, try not to pick numbers that won a week ago either

Utilizing Toto 4d result history is great however never pick winning quantities of the most recent week either, on the grounds that other individuals will utilize a similar strategy. It is better if you keep record past Toto results by system and then analyst it to predict the next winning numbers. You can consult past Toto results of different operators in Malaysia and Singapore such as: Magnum 4D , Damacai, Sports TOTO and  Singapore Pools .

Thirdly, choose high numbers

In general, people often choose special numbers like birthday as lottery ticket, but as you know, the birthday only between 1 and 31 meaning there are many people have to share the winning if results include low numbers. Why you don’t attempt to pick higher number from 33 and 34 and after that. You’re winning will be higher, as well.


Fourthly, purchase ticket as close as could be expected under the circumstances to the draw date

On the off chance that you purchase your ticket a week ahead of time, there is a case that you are significantly to lose that ticket on the grounds that may be it is winning quantities of the up and coming draw, not of the draw date you purchased for. Along these lines, it’s most likely still a smart thought to purchase your tickets nearer to the occasion and you can sit tight for the following real lottery draws on our landing page.

Lastly, in light of your fantasy dream

The dream is always exciting and dreams that we all love to imagine coming true. You will find many your Toto lucky numbers based on your dreams. Don’t miss any numbers that appeared on your dream because in connecting to Feng Shui, numbers of dream always bring lucky to you. So, take advantage of them.

Here above are 5 tips that you should know if you want to make more winning totals of Toto Malaysia. Visit our site for further advice. Many useful and exciting things about lottery are waiting for you. Welcome!

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