Avoiding Lottery Pool Problems

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Lottery pools not even determine whether the person collecting the money is really buying the tickets! Here are tips for running a lottery pool that preserve all the participants and avoids problems ranging from lawsuits to bitterness.

First of all, your group should do when setting up a lottery pool is to choose one person to be in charge, the lottery pool manager.
The manager is getting the word out about the lottery pool, managing who is participating, making sure everyone knows and has comply to the rules, buying the lottery tickets, keeping the tickets safe, and collecting any wins, and any other organizational questions that come up.

A lottery pool contract to make sure that everyone is on the same page with the particulars of how the pool works. This avoids the misunderstandings that can lead to lawsuits.


The contract should expound the answers to questions ranging from which tickets will be buy to how funds are shared if the pool wins. Every participant should have a copy of the lottery pool contract, and the pool manager should have a copy with every participant's sign on it.

Some of the lawsuits against winning lottery pools in the past have been brought by someone who thought they were taking part, when they weren't.

In case your lottery pool allows people to take part in some drawings and opt out of others, make sure that everyone has the chance to take part, and everyone knows who's in and who's out. Making copies of the lottery pool's tickets serves two important functions: it allows the participants know that the tickets were really bought, and it settle any questions about whether the tickets really won or lose.


The lottery pool manager, or a person he or she designates, should make copies of both sides of each ticket. The front side of the ticket reveals the winning numbers, while the back side has a serial number that can be used for recognition. Every person who takes part in the pool should receive a copy of the tickets.

For better security, the lottery pool manager could ask each person to sign a copy of the tickets, to show that each person gets their copy. The lottery pool members should be able to request to see the actual tickets. This eases any fears that the copies of the tickets have been falsified.

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2 thoughts on “Avoiding Lottery Pool Problems

  1. Common sense tips here, I think the problems could be amplified even further if the pool was run with friends or work colleagues. That could get messy! I really agree with the idea that the contract should explain everything up front – also, maybe having an input sessions, if practically possible, where participants can sit down and ask questions and get everything straight, would be another way to prevent misunderstandings?

    Thanks for these tips.

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