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If you play the lottery daily, then there’s no doubt that you spend much of that time dreaming of what you will spend your winnings on. You’ve maybe known the saying that you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than become a lottery winner, and there’s some truth that
most people go through life without hitting the jackpot. Whether there is a particular day for all gamblers to win lottery easily or not? This article will reveal for you that.

     Opinion for special day to play lottery

You might win a little but the odds are definitely stacked against most people. Look, let’s be honest, your winning lottery dreams depends on the hands of Lady Luck, and you could dispose of your karma bank and read each book on the laws of attraction and abundance; however as you experience the lottery, you are in a pool of countless others who are all dreaming of the same thing.

Magnum jackpot lucky pick

Each astrological sign has a word when they’re supposed to be more fortunate than other times, for instance, if you’re a Aries then it is essential for you to be checking out your monthly weather to know when the stars and planets are going to align so as to bring you more fortunate and plenty.

If you play the lottery on that particular day, you would be possible to attract more in the way of luck, and hit the jackpot you so badly dream of. Besides looking to the skies and listening to those with a crystal ball, a lot of players who believe that playing the lottery on a day when the jackpot is higher could mean you have more winning percentage at least something.

     Is it really effective to play lottery with a special day?

Scientific evidence is not enough to prove this, because the number of gamblers doesn’t like to alter your odds of winning, but again, isn’t it worth a go? I guess it all comes down to what you believe in as well as the art of positive thinking.

special day

If I am asked for the question that do I believe that there is a better day to play the lottery? You are capable to throw theories out there all you love, but I think that purchasing a lottery ticket on a Wednesday will not change your winning chance coming Saturday.

If you would like to get win, up your opportunities in other different ways, such as purchasing more tickets, joining in a syndicate, or a few other solutions, but I don’t trust that there will be a big difference if you follow to your horoscope. In my personal view, get a ticket, keep your fingers crossed, and keep your karma clean if you do that, you do never know.


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