Best suggestions to increase your chances with Singapore Toto


Lottery is becoming the hottest form of gambling in the world with many exciting lotto games such as 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, Toto, Toto 4D and more. The most popular kind may be Toto which is played the most in Malaysia and Singapore. It is not difficult to play Toto games, but the increase of winning chances is found in Singapore Toto lottery game. If you are interested in Singapore Toto lottery and want to increase your chances of winning, this article is something you cannot miss. You will find many useful suggestions here to get the best results at Toto lottery.

Buy more to increase chances of getting Toto jackpots

If you usually play Toto every week twice, why don’t you play every week once, but with the money amount of both two times. What does this mean? In fact, you will play less often. Many people have doubt about this suggestion because this reduces the chances of winning. Don’t hurry! The increase of chances might be small, but this is the easiest and yet most overlooked tip ever. This is the most practical way to increase your chances of getting jackpots with Singapore Toto game. When you buy a ticket with bigger amount, you have one chance in winning the Jackpot. So I trust is worth the try.

Don’t buy Singapore Toto ticket based on your birthday

Many people make common mistake is that choose their birthday as Toto 4d lucky number. But you should to know that playing Toto lottery is different to playing 4D games. There are 49 numbers from 1 to 49 for you to choose whilst your numbers only range between 1 and 31. Therefore, you can miss out many huge prizes because you don’t choose numbers from 32 to 49. You only should use your birthday numbers and family birthday dates when playing 4D Malaysia and Singapore games.

Use predict software to find your Toto lucky numbers

As I have mentioned above, the most practical way to increase your chances with Singapore Toto and that is to buy more. However, you cannot buy more and more without having any strategies. That is reason why you should use predict software to find and produce Toto 4d lucky number. 1023 is our suggestion about the Toto lucky number for the upcoming draw. Our software can predict your lucky numbers from numbers, lucky names, accidents, animals, even colors. So there is no reason not to try right now.

Never forget the golden rule is to spend only what you can attempt to lose and stop in right time.

Hopefully these suggestions above are useful for you. Have fun moment with Singapore Toto and wish you win more!

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