A Better Chance to Win or a Grave Mistake to Make?

Lucky Number: 3912

For normal lottery player, buying lottery tickets in large quantities is like a dream come true. But if they could afford to buy 100 tickets at a time, what would their possibility be at winning the jackpot? Maybe some can afford to buy RM400 worth tickets at a time, but those who can’t have the option to join lottery syndicate programs. Lottery syndicates are a group of lottery players who pool money all together to increase their chances of winning the jackpot without having to empty their pockets.

 Win or a Grave Mistake to Make

Preparing for something

Creating a lottery syndicate isn’t only about gathering a group of people happily ready to try their luck by purchasing a few of lottery tickets. It’s about drafting agreements too. It’s about letting people know where they stand if they hit the jackpot.  A group of close friends decided to form a syndicate to be able to live the rest of their lives happily when they win the jackpot. Mrs Lim, 31, who had been part of the syndicate for two years, was too bad sick the day her weekly payment was meant to be paid. She, however, vowed to pay her share on her back to work. She was pregnant with her first child.

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Sudden victory

Luckily for them, the syndicate scooped the midweek lottery jackpot for a solid RM28,847,237. Since Lim couldn’t pay her weekly contribution of RM2, her friends-turned-foe refused to pay out her share and they took home almost RM2.8 million each. Being a member for two years, Lim was forced to seek legal help to courage the issue. It’s amazing how money can change people… Lim pointed out that her friends’ selfish actions have broken their friendship and she doesn’t wish to speak to them.

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Money is a double edged sword apart from happiness; it can break all hell easy without so much of a warning.

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