Chinese Superstitions for Good Luck

Lucky Number: 3868

Chinese Superstitions for Good LuckLike any culture, the Chinese have some fear that are related to good and bad luck. Especially for those who playing gambling, toto 4 d, 4D lottery must be very concern about these as they believe it will exactly influence their luck.

The Chinese trust that good luck can be found in pairs. Whenever the Chinese give a gift, it's done in pairs or multiples of pairs. If you want to give a gift, then you'll want to give two gifts.

For those who looking for 4D number, you must remember the number four sounds like the Chinese word, death and should be avoided. The number eight is lucky as it sounds like the word prosper and nine sounds the same to the word plentiful. The word is caution for marriage and numbers when it comes to the age gap between you and your wife.

If you want to ensure a happy marriage, you shouldn't marry anyone who is 3 or 6 years young or older than you.However, one of the things you don't want to do is talk about the dead. The Chinese avoid to talk about the dead or about anyone who is dying. This is considered very bad luck.

In addition, how you sweep your home is very important. You can hold on to the good luck that enters your door by proper sweeping. When you sweep your home, you need to sweep inwardly. You need to sweep all of the dirt and dust into the center of your home and then it will carry it out of the house through the back door, never the front door. This keeps the good luck in your home.

Prediction: 3868

Feng Shui Lucky Number of Fish in Aquarium

Lucky numbers: 9981

Most researchers agree completely feng shui business and marriage number nine is a lucky number, so it is no wonder that this is the choice of aquarium fish or you.