What a Day In the Life of a Lottery Player

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There the thing that you and I both desire, whereas the majority of our friends and a portion of our family think it’s only a fairy-tale dream. It’s the jackpot! That one prize, we desire for years, some of us for decades! Besides helping around the house, giving resources for my family, I play the lottery. Back in my early 20s, I had a friend who was waking up rather early. One holiday I asked him what’s the big deal with it. He smirks and responded as if he knew I was going to ask him that.

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Success in lottery

My friend explained me, that’s his secret to success. The earlier he gets up, the more things he can do. Daytime was not enough for him to arrange everything. Hence I wake up early, check my email, check what lotteries are on today. I have a clear cut schedule. I don’t want to miss a single draw. I buy in different draws ahead; this is only a prevention not to miss any. If there’s an email, I respond, if there’s something big going on, I do a thorough research, and if I’ve forgotten about a draw, I take care of it at the moment. I need to experience the insights and the past outcomes regularly and before today’s draws.

secret to success

Just in case I’ve missed something and make a late entry. However I do not recommend you this, but it’s my thing. After all, I have the time and the analytical skills to do it.  Maybe the most important part of this process is double, triple checking the returns. But in case things go south, I must start looking for a regular job that will pay the bills, buy food, etc. Things normal people do. As long as I’m making a profit, there’s nothing to worry about. But remember, when I say profit, I mean there’s enough money to cover my share of the bills, the groceries, to cover my lottery play and to save some. It’s hard to trust, but it’s my reality.

Success in lottery


I generally search for new ways to deal with enhance my outcomes, yet that has a tendency to happen rather infrequently. I guess I reached my peak. I sort the results accordingly. If I don’t do it now, it happens that I forget to do it..  This is probably my favourite part about the lottery. If only there was a world in which I could play it non-stop. For what it’s worth, I love what I’m doing, and I will keep on doing it until I win the jackpot! After that I can retire in peace, careless, free of everything.

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