Feng Shui Lucky Number of Fish in Aquarium

Lucky numbers: 9981

Most researchers agree completely feng shui business and marriage number nine is a lucky number, so it is no wonder that this is the choice of aquarium fish or you.

Ranked ninth in the number of symbols of prosperity, it also represents your wealth, give you a long life. For the 9 fishes, may be they are 8 goldfish in an aquarium fish or with an arrowana goldfish or a combination of the best black. With 8 black fish, that will create a harmonious combination of fish on behalf of prosperous, powerful and auspicious.

Number 8 in feng shui is the study accounted for the prosperity of a dominant position. Because it is considered to be material will take over functions from entering your home, help you stay away from the bad things away negative energy absorbing black goldfish it is the most important.

Black goldfish were reared to become a symbol of protection. Whenever considered dead, because there is no common cause of death of black fish, such as lack of oxygen, water, overfeeding or lack of food. It is believed that the fish died because the absorption of unfortunately, and to protect the luck for you.


In fact, many people believe that the lake, if a fish is dead, there is no justification. Its sacrifice is to use it to liberate your luck, we have our own way has been a leader. I would like rotting dead fish immediately removed from the tank, and replace it as soon as possible.

There are many feng shui masters who gave a beautiful funeral of dead fish, and say prayers or mantra. This is a typical knowledge of black fish than goldfish died more often. There are some biological explanation, such as poor eyesight wilderness, not for the food fair competition.

Number 9 fish aquarium and you want to bring good luck to yourself ?

Feng Shui Lucky Number: *9981*

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