FORECAST 4D ( Part 2)

Effective ways to forecast Toto4d result today

  1. 4D Digit Analysis(Analyze 4d result)

Lottery winning possibility of players will be higher if they grasp the method of 4D Digit Analysis to predict more accurately for numbers. Some following tips will help players know to analyze 4dtoto.

  • Based on the mathematical probability: it is considered as an effective way to forecast 4D numbers because lottery 4D is mathematics. You will be on a wrong track as playing 4D game without a factual math. Moreover, if you just consistently follow and only bet on one or two number, this method will not be applicable.
  • Analyze 4d result: this is the best solution in order to predict Toto 4d live in Malaysia or Singapore due to the clue which will hit the next draw is on the latest results. All you need to do is that you just need to analyze the correct way which will bring higher winning possibility on bet.
  • Select a website for Analyze 4d result: as for me, this is a crucial element because a website which is special for 4d analysis will record all numbers that have been hit by the week, month and year. It will be easier for you to consider and choose the most appropriate 4d number with high winning chance from the data on this website.

Effective ways to forecast Toto4d result today

  1. 4D Box Analysis

I will describe for you to understand more about using the basic math for Analyze 4d results. You can be easy to realize that we have total 10 fundamental numbers with different values consisting of 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. I will classify these numbers into two groups: Odd numbers include 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and others are Even numbers comprise As usual, we will see that Odd numbers and Even numbers must be separated into three figures.

When we implement isolating Even numbers, we will attain the following results:

Even = 24680

4680 = 680, 480, 460, 468

2680 = 680, 280, 260, 268

2480 = 480, 280, 240, 248

2460 = 460, 260, 240, 246

2468 = 468, 268, 248, 246

From the above separation of Even numbers, after completing we will collect only 10 three-figure numbers 680, 480, 460, 468, 280, 260, 268, 240, 248, 246 (signed A).

Similarly, we will implement the isolation process for Odd numbers, too as follows:

Odd = 13579

3579 = 579, 379, 359, 357

1579 = 579, 179, 1589, 157

1379 = 379, 179, 139, 137

1359 = 359, 159, 139, 135

1357 = 357, 157, 137, 135

After finishing the Odd separation, we also collect total 10 three-figure numbers like Even numbers consisting of 579, 379, 359, 357, 179, 159, 157, 139, 137, 135 (signed B).

We will try to understand and apply according to the mentioned formula ad predicting Toto 4D Box result which will be frequently combinations of Odd and Even numbers. In the following formula, I will sign A for Evens: AAAA and sign B for Odds: BBBB. Since then, you can figure out the formula is: AAAB, AABA, ABAA, BAAA, BBBA, BBAB, BBBB.

The above formula is considered as the effective tool in predict the rather accurate result for 4d lottery draw in Malaysia, Singapore and many countries in the world because if it is figured out form the logic mathematical principle. As you would like to select a lucky number, you can use this way as reminder prior to buy a 4D number. It makes sure that your winning possibility will increase higher with this way of prediction.

To utilize the above formula, it is essential for you to identify a three-digit Odd number and three even-numbered, and the pair of figures is odd or even numbers. You are going to see three odd or even numbers which is always hit the 4D lottery result in the last draw. Then you just need to opt a couple of odd and even number on the chart below.

Analyze 4d result

5.4D Results

As usual, the results of Toto 4d will be a significant clue 3D which often have high opportunity to hit in the draw. Therefore, you only need to look for the digit and put it on the 3 numbers, then you will implement the calculation and combination on these numbers to have 4 digit for betting.  

4D Results


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  1. This is my numbers 6543,2338,6128 can you please teach me how to analyze these numbers because i have been buyung these numbers for quite some time and these numbers consider to me are my lucky numbers.

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