Malaysia is one of the country developing actively on the lottery market in the world that is reason why the number of lottery game player accounts for the huge rate at online casinos. Therefore, special draw always receives the great concern because its name expresses some uncommon features like other normal lottery draws. This writing we will find out what 4d special draw is and how to select a lucky number with this draw.


Besides the frequent scheduled 4d lottery draw result, players in Malaysia can join in the special draws which often drop on Tuesday. Why is this lottery special? – Because it need to be approved and granted by Malaysian Government. As usual, there are often 22 special draws approved per year. The purpose of these draws are to increase government coffers.

If you would like to join in upcoming 4d special draws 2016, you are possible to update the time at online lottery sites and select to buy yourself a lucky number.

special draw



Many players always think there is exciting and mysterious methods to give prediction on what number will be lucky to lie in the special draw results table for lottery?  Facing with risk on money when you place bet on lottery numbers you think their winning possibility is high are absolute. The way to wealth will come to you suddenly with a huge amount if the fortune will smile on you. Besides fortune element, there are still solutions that help lottery players guess rather exactly lucky numbers.

According to a survey implemented on 100 players on special draws, most of them surely have their own ways to decide and pick numbers they will bet on lottery game. Simply, some players are going to get a lucky 4d number base on their birthday their special person’s birthday or special days in their life. While, some pick a number by a quick and random pick, since then the numbers will be generated automatically. Besides, predicting for a number with high winning chance which relies on past winning number is also one of the effective ways applied by the number of players.


No matter what systems you utilize to forecast lottery numbers, it will be a good way for you to note some tips for choosing winning special lottery numbers. The birthdays, anniversaries and other special days are quite easy for players to remember for guessing on numbers; however, you had better not utilize this method frequently.

Since those numbers only go as high as 31 that means numbers higher than that will not be played,  so your winning possibility will be declined. Select 10 lottery numbers and play them again and again. If you have a good skill to forecast these numbers, the odds are more in your favor as far as winning. It will be better to play various lotteries than only concentrating on all of your eggs into only one basket by just playing one. Utilize the tips to raise your luckiness and prediction.

special draw


Firstly, you should not get numbers chosen by many people

Jackpot prize only has one and of course you will not want to share your winning amount with other winners. Many online casino today provide lottery services with lucky numbers for you to choose in the next draws. However, you need to remember that a lot of people can also have the same selection as you for those numbers, so you should have ways to avoid these numbers.

Secondly, you should avoid numbers that won last week

Selecting 4d lottery number for special draw based on 4d result history is also a good method, but you had better not to pick winning numbers of the last week because this tactic is also used by other people. It will be more effective for to use past winning numbers and implement the analysis to give prediction for the next winning numbers. In addition, you are capable to make reference on result of various operators in Malaysia and Singapore to have more basis for guessing such as Singapore Pools, Damacai, Sports TOTO and Magnum 4D.

Thirdly, selecting high numbers is good

Most player often a lottery numbers based on their life’s special numbers like birthday, anniversaries or certain meaning days. However, you know birthday is only from 1 to 31 and often have the similarity with the huge number of people, so you will have to share your winning with other players if 4d special draw result consists of low numbers. The advice for you is that you had better to get higher number from 33, 34 and higher to attain a higher winning.

Fourthly, purchase a ticket as close as possible to the draw date

In case you purchase your lottery ticket a week in advance, you are probable to lose that ticket because it might be winning numbers of the upcoming draw, not of the draw date like your intention. It will be a god solution to purchase your 4d tickets closer to the date of special draw and you are possible to wait the next major lottery draws on our homepage.


Finally, buy ticket based on your dream

Dreams always bring to us many amazing things, so you will be able to find your 4d lucky numbers through your dreams. It will be absolutely possible to bring the incredible prize and we all love that come true. Although there are no exact basis for this selection method; however, there are still many players believing it as an interesting way to increase winning possibility. So you do not miss any numbers that came into your dreams because they are in connection to Feng Shui. You should believe the luckiness will smile on you through your numbers in your dream, so do not forget to take advantage of them.

With the above methods and tips, you will have chance to hit the high prize through guessing rather accurately winning numbers. Now, you can follow and update for the next date of special draw in Malaysia at our online casino site. Good luck!


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  1. Hello my master please help me to get my 4D lucky number I been not working for long time since I have two heart attack in 2007 & 2013 and now no employer want me and on the first of this month I can not celebrate my daughter birthday due to I don’t have money to let her enjoy with her good friends please, please give me my lucky number today.

  2. 4136 – k,t,m (5 B.5 S. 5A)……..

    # 4 nombo nie try luck Kt (S,B,K,W) jgn x Cuba .

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