How To Win The Lottery

Lucky Number: 3813

There are many players are unaware of the huge gap in odds between each of the different lotteries. Some offer huge jackpots, but with much better odds on winning it, while others have a more achievable jackpot, but those who do claim it won’t walk away with more than a few million.

One of the best ways to improve your possibility is easily add extra choice to your weekly tickets. The more numbers you have, the more likely you are to win, simple! The main issue with this is that it will add to your weekly costs, but this can be overcome by joining a union.



This way a collective can purchase great tickets without affecting their own personal weekly outlay. Experts also propose not buying a ticket routinely every week, but instead saving up for big jackpots and splashing out on several tickets for the big money draws.

The easiest way of avoiding the opting for a quick pick, but if you’re the type of person who likes to make their mark on the ticket, try to be flexible about your selections.


For example, many choose a ticket comprised of conspicuous birthdays, which means if your ticket wins, but your numbers are only between 1 and 31 such, there is a much higher possibility of sharing your jackpot with many players. So there we have it, three statistically sound ways to increase your possibility of selecting those winning numbers.
Most players like to run with the same numbers every week thanks to a mix of fear and habit. And of course the universal law that the week you change, the old numbers will come up.

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