Knowing about hit rate and win rate in Toto Malaysia

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In any lottery game like Toto Malaysia, in the process of playing, make sure that you will encounter the two terms: hit rate and win rate. These two terms have a very significant impact on your winning. But not all lottery gamers can understand this and maybe you are one of them and this is the main reason why you have not already got any jackpots. So, to help you know more about hit rate and win rate, in this article, I will show you clearly.

What is hit rate?

Easily, you can understand: hit rate is generally defined as the number of Hits on a certain chosen set of numbers. For instance in Toto Malaysia a Group 5 will refer a Hit Rate of 4 or a Group 6 will mean a hit rate of 3+1. In the case of 4D Hit Rate will mean the chosen combo matches one of the 23 winning combinations.


What is win rate?

Win Rate on the other hand does not concern with the number of Hits on a certain chosen set of numbers but rather on the times a person win a prize be it Toto or 4D. What this mean is for a Toto putter who win a Group 6 prize in 1 out of 10 draws he play, his Win Rate is 10%. Same thing for a 4D putter who win a compassion prize in 1 out of 10 draws he play. His Win Rate is too 10%. Here the higher the Win Rate means the more frequent a prize is won. Therefore, here at Toto Malaysia the main objective is to raise the win rate first and increase the winning chance with hit rate.

Why pay attention to hit rate and win rate will help you win more?

I know those who are playing lottery for all their life and never predicted correctly 4d Toto result today. Collected any prize money before. Won’t it be good to be collecting prize money at least once or twice every week? This is also why you will soon found that the strategies and premium predictions used here in Malaysia Toto in playing either Toto Malaysia or 4D Malaysia are aim to reach better win rates and of cause winning money. There are many people in the world get jackpot because of paying attention to hit rate. And win rate in the process playing any lottery game, so if you take a while to read this writing. Then apply it in your lottery game as Toto Malaysia. You can fully become one of the next lottery winners who win the huge jackpots and get rich suddenly.


In summary

Hit rate and win rate are very important in all lottery games in general and Toto Malaysia in particular. So, don’t miss any information about them and play the best. Join now and there are many attractive jackpots waiting for you to discover. Your toto 4d lucky number today for you is 2331.

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