Lucky 4D numbers from accident car plates?

Lucky Number: 4430

I not sure whether it happened before this in the world but in Singapore when someone witness a car accident. And he see the car’s license plate. So he can use the plate numbers in the week’s 4D and dream came true strike big. However, does it really happen? Does car catch in accidents have more luck in their plate numbers coming out in the week 4D draw?

To be blunt there is no scientific rule or explanation that can be prove. That these car plate numbers have more possibility in coming as winning numbers in the week 4D draw. Actually even without being involved in accidents all car plates numbers have equal possibility of coming out. Being involved in accident does not really improve the chances of winning nor does it decrease it.


why are there so many instances of accident car plate numbers striking 4D lotteries?

Well for I can say it is really a coincidence and really how many accidents are there in Singapore every day. Then out of all these how many actually come out in the week 4D? Yet, if it really does make you feel more lucky having spotted an accident. And you took down the car plate numbers by all means buy it as it might just be your lucky day. Having said all these I hope you are able to know that with or without witnessing an accident will not affect your possibility of winning 4D at all.

Therefore do not think that you had witness an accident so the car plate numbers. Which you took down will sure 100% strike first prize as if you do you are going to be disappointed as it might not even strike a winning prize at all. Just take it easy and enjoy the game of 4D.

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