Something you should know about Magnum toto 4D in Malaysia

4D is a lottery in Singapore and Malaysia, individual play by selecting any number from 0000 to 9999. Then, twenty three winning numbers are drawn each time. If one of the numbers is in line with one of the players bought, an award winner. A battle is underway to select the winning numbers.

Magnum toto 4D is 1 legalize licensed under the Malaysian government to operate 4D. Not long after that, the other lottery operators to follow. Because this is a game that is very popular in Malaysia and Singapore.


Something you should know about Magnum 4D toto – one of the main suppliers 4D

In Malaysia, there are three main 4D supplierSports Toto, Magnum 4D and Da Ma Cai. All three are independent private companies. 4D operators called The forecast exploitation. Toto Magnum 4D offers classic games – The player chooses a 4-digit number and choose the amount he wants to bet. There are “Big” and “Small” forecast. A “small” bet will ensure a higher goal. But the player will only win if your number comes up in the first place, second or third.

Winnings low for a “Big” bet, but in addition the first place. The second and third, has 10 some “special” that pay RM180 to RM1 a fish, and 10 “comfort” that figure pay RM60 for a RM1 bet. Magnum 4D is legitimate operators awarded licenses first of the Malaysian government.

Toto Magnum introduce a new game which is an extension of the popular game, but with 4d magnum result. This game is copyrighted by Magnum. This game is more popular lottery games in Malaysia.


About renowned Magnum 4D

Magnum 4D Bhd selling four-digit numbers forecast betting tickets in Malaysia. The company also provides project management, system integration, software design. And development services and network configuration for customers from the financial industry, and small and medium enterprises.

In addition, the company offers a wide range of security services and information technology solutions. Including penetration testing, design and architecture, vulnerability assessment, policy, risk assessment risk management, emergency response, and implementation services. To reward shareholders of Magnum, Magnum commitment pay dividends not less than 80% of their gaming profits annually.

Magnum toto betting companies was made to pay higher profit commissions for one of its sales agents 4D after losing in arbitration proceedings – A move the company said can lead to more sales agents accounting for a similar procedure against it.



The main original company – formerly known as Leisure Management Bhd -. Is the game division owns 51 per cent of Magnum 4D Bhd Corp., In a statement to the Kuala Lumpur stock market. Said its subsidiary Magnum 4D (Selangor) Sdn Bhd is involved in a procedure arbitration with one of its sales agents 4D. Liew Wei Beng one, in a dispute related to the calculation of profit commissions.

The prize if your chosen number: Each draws, winning 23 of 4D or awards given. Of the 23 winning 4D numbers drawn, three were selected as 1, 2nd and 3rd prize. Ten were selected as a special award, the remaining ten as consolation prize. 5 different categories of awards brings various cash prizes.

Magnum 4D create new gold opportunities with  Jackpot gold

The game has elements jackpot prizes with many items and how to win that set it apart from other games. The Toto Magnum 4D Jackpot game gold complement both classic games and 4D Jackpot by adding more fun. More excitement and gaming experience better than others on the market. A total of 7 types of awards including 2 special prize. The prize structure is geared towards rewarding the players at all levels.

From a simple game of different digits for smaller prizes for matching. The winning numbers Jackpot full of gold that players can have a chance to win the Jackpot prize that one can grow to a significant number of multi-million ringgit!


The addition of 4D Jackpot game gold on the Magnum product portfolio signals. The beginning of a new era as the Magnum 4D Jackpot game features Gold will meet the needs and aspirations of the various players . So current players who are familiar with 4D and 4D games Jackpot Game will find 4D Jackpot game Gold a unique extension and innovative portfolio of magnum results.

This new game is a blend of allowing them to play the results of their favorite magnum and also some other digits mean something to their lives. This new game offers an opportunity to change the lifestyle immediately.

Magnum 4d result today live also help players. And then, the gaming industry to be more competitive market that is an illegal news and regain lost market share.

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