What not to do when choosing your Toto 4d Malaysia lucky number


If you dare to say you are a player expert of lottery, then you must know what not to do when choosing your Toto 4d Malaysia lucky number. In fact, you can find many articles that offer many ways to choose lottery lucky numbers, but it is rare to find writings that tell you DON’T. Don’t worry! This article will help you.

Toto 4d is known as the most popular lotto form which is favorite played in Malaysia and Singapore. People often think that they are games of chance. Yes, I admit that luck is the biggest factor determining your lotto result, but the philosophy behind Feng Shui has also important role. Now, in this article, I will tell you DON’T when choosing your Toto 4d Malaysia lucky number in connecting to Feng Shui.

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Try to avoid clutter and dirt in your house

The theory of Feng Shui show that let your home in clutter and dirt is the number one DON’T. These we always consider as obstacles that become barriers the accumulation of positive energy in your space. Therefore, when you look for something related to your Toto 4d lucky number, these things will become a big barriers. So, keep your house always clean. If you are black on which number to buy, 6655 can be your Toto 4d lucky number.

You should not let leaks in the Southeast corner of your house

Other than that, the philosophy behind Feng-Shui shows leaks are another DON’T. Especially when these leaks in the Southeast side of your home. The Southeast corner is known as the best side in a house that can collect the prosperity energy for you. Therefore, places at home such as toilets, kitty litter boxes, trash cans, broken objects and anything that is dead or dying needs to be cleared from the Southeast corner of your home. If not, your money will also be leaking away.

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The philosophy behind Feng Shui

If you don’t believe in what not to do I have shared above because you don’t believe in Feng Shui. This section will show you the wonder of Feng Shui that no one can explain.

In Chinese culture, Feng Shui is something that everyone believe in and do everything follow the philosophy of Feng Shui. It can help you choose lucky numbers in your life as well as in your career. Depend on Feng Shui, you can increase the luck and prosperity in your life and also help you make money from Toto 4d Malaysia and Singapore. Good luck!

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