Picking a lucky lottery number will make your lottery winning possibility increase. By many other tricks you can know which lottery number will bring you high winning probability. This article will share some ways to get the best as playing lottery

  1.   Make use of your birthday to have your lucky number


To hit Malaysia lottery Jackpot, players are able to use various ways to take these winning opportunity. Among that, a large number of people usually utilize family birthday to get those numbers. Is it really good if you use this way? About strong points, using this way is rather common and not to be difficult to calculate for all players in a quick time.

winning number by birthday

But it also has limitation, it can be seen that you will face with the limitation in the range of numbers you can pick if sticking to birthdays totally because there are only 31 numbers for your option. Moreover, this system is common and is utilized by a lot of players that means you may have to share your prize. That is reason why you had better not just get this way to select winning number and try luck.

  1.   Do not forget the past winning lottery number

Most of concepts claim that the past overdue number will probably not bring the efficiency as selecting a lucky number the next draws, but through analysis which revealed that there is a surprising trend for players to pick their numbers from searching and using the last week’s winning numbers. Others were found to make use of the jackpot numbers from two weeks before and some further back than that.

toto 4d today

  1.   Select a winning number through prediction software

Online prediction software is always available and used widely with the great accuracy in calculating your possible winning lottery number. There are many winners using these system and they feel the efficiency. Besides, experts also give advice to players to predict lucky numbers with this way.

If you follow the above 3 tips, it is really easy to pick a lottery winning number tonight and win the huge prize for the draw. Do not miss tonight’s Sport toto lucky pick which is 4829. Buy it now to bring big reward.

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