Singapore Pools  launched Green Up to converve the green environment

To champion the source of conserving the environment and saving our planet, Singapore Pools implemented the Green Up! Great idea on 23 May 2016, during the company’s 48th Anniversary Celebration.

Conserving the environment and saving our planet is very essential and neccessary, so the goals of Green Up are drive company-wide actions such as reducing paper and electricity usage in our offices and retail net, achieving national standards of environmentally-sound practices and staff education.

To do this with a firm commitment, representatives of Singapoor Pools signed on a giant mug at the launch event to formally kick-off the start of Green Up! Week from 23 to 27 May 2016. Accordingly, the entire personnel will be received a  Green Up! mug and a hand towel and were encouraged to consume them instead of disposable cups and paper napkins. With guests who go to our offices, they will also be served with those cheerful green mugs!

Besides, they also greening the office and up-cycling with the guests speakers from the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) during the week and held an e-Waste Challenge to raise awareness on the proper handling of used electronics and encouraged personnel to recycle or dispose used electronic devices safely.


To provide the most effective, Singapore Pools will quit printing information about match schedules, opening odds, and other football return at all outlets from 29 May. This will widen to lottery and sports results from 12 July onwards. Clients will still have access to the information from in-store and live digital channels.

Through these efforts and more, Singapore Pools hopes to stretch our scope of sustainability, rally and inspire our personel, clients and even the community to join us in doing our part for the environment and saving the planet.

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