Overview About 4DTOTO – NEW TREND of Entertainment

4DTOTO is one of the well-known forms of lottery that attracts millions of players due to its simplicity and high payout. Even though you are new member, you also have equal chance of winning to other players because of your choice of numbers instead of your skills. Therefore, it becomes a hot trend of entertainment today.


What is Toto4D?

I’m sure you will have many questions about this fantastic form. However, you have to understand some basic information first. 4Dtoto here means four digits. Toto 4 D is known as a lottery-style game and played mostly in Singapore and Malaysia. It’s easy and requires no much complicated skills except luck – every game of chance needs this most important thing. Since 1969, 4Dtoto has been appealing to many people not only in two countries but also around the world.

How to play and bet Toto 4D?

Toto 4 D is so simple to play. It requires you to choose your preferred 4 digital number from 0000 to 9999 (E.g: 1995, 2713 or 6688). All numbers of 10,000 numbers have equal chance of becoming winning numbers. Then, you have to decide whether to play the Small Forecast or the Big Forecast or both of them.

Small Forecast only allows you to get 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes while Big Forecast allows you to win all prizes containing 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes as well as specials and consolation prizes. After that, you need to determine the betting amount for each Forecast chosen. Remember the minimum bet for the game is RM1.

As you know, RM is considered as the basic unit of money to bet in lottery and in 4dtoto. RM means Malaysia Ringgit and the minimum bet for the game is RM1. You can freely choose the higher amount to bet to get higher winning amount. As the newest results, RM1 = $0.2500.


Generally, operators have same lottery games as well as ways of bet, however there are ways that only are offered in these operators. There are 3 common ways of bet which are Straight bet, Roll bet and Permutation bet. Permutation bet in operators is called with different names such as i-PERM (Sports Toto) or IBox (Damacai).

In Permutation bet, if you play with 4 different digits, you will have 24 numbers of permutations. There will be 12 numbers of permutations if you play with 2 of 4 digits which are the same and will be 6 with 2 pairs of 4 digits which are the same or 4 numbers of permutations with 3 of 4 digits which are the same.

About prizes of 4Dtoto

Basically, prizes in Toto 4D include first, second, third prize and 10 consolation and 10 special prizes regardless which 4dtoto operator you place your bet. This also means that there are 23 numbers to be picked as the winning numbers in every draw.

All 23 sets of winning numbers are randomly selected from 4 draw machines and are conducted in full view of the public. An independent external auditor and a member of the audience and five draw officials are involved in the draw process. When they press the start switch on the control panel, 4 balls which numbered 0 to 9 will be drawn from 4 machines and become a winning number. This process is repeated starting from the consolation prizes until 23 sets of winning numbers are drawn. If you play with Permutation bet, your chance of getting winning numbers will be higher.

Now, I have a table of payout based on every RM1 bet

Prize Payout (big) Payout (small)
1st prize RM2,500 RM3,500
2nd prize RM1,000 RM2,500
3rd prize RM500 RM1,000
Special prize RM180
Consolation prize RM60

If you have bet RM10 big and RM10 small and get 2nd prize, your total winning will be calculated as follows:

  • RM10 big 2nd prize = RM1,000 x 10 = RM10,000
  • RM10 small 2nd prize = RM2,500 x 10 = RM25,000
  • Total prize winning now = RM10,000 + RM25,000 = RM35,000

Although the payout and prizes structure is the same among these 3 NFO, the winning numbers are different. All you need to do is playing with the operator where you think your chosen numbers will be drawn.

Claiming prizes winning

Each operator has proper rules in claiming winning prizes of 4 d toto. All winning prizes of Sports toto 4 d and Magnum can be claimed within 180 days or 6 months while Damacai just allows players to claim winning within 90 days from the winning date.
Remember to present your original winning ticket(s) together with your identity card or passport when you go to operators to claim prizes and money. And your winning ticket is in good condition, as you know.

Draw date of 4Dtoto

Toto draws are on every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday of the week. Occasionally, there will be a special draw on Tuesday. Each operator and each country offers different draw hour and venue. In Singapore, the official operator – Singapore pools offers drawn time at 6.30pm and draws take place at the Singapore Poll Building, 210 Middle Road.
In Malaysia, only persons who are non-Muslims and above 21 years old can join in drawn process. Sports toto 4 d draws are at 7.00pm and held at the company’s draw venue located at Level 13, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. Magnum also draws at 7.00pm and take place at Magnum Corporation Sdn Bhd. Damacai draws are conducted at 7.00pm and draw venue of Damacai is Perak turf club located at Jalan Raja Dihilir, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Lottery results of 4Dtoto

4Dtoto results are very easy to recognize and will be shown quite simultaneously among operators. You can also register to get lottery results throughout SMS result service on your mobile phone. The picture below is how to present the results of 4 d toto.


How to buy lottery?

There are four main 4D trustworthy and licensed gaming operators that are Magnum, Damacai, Sports TOTO and Singapore pools. They are strictly governed by Bank Negera and considered as Number Forecast Operators (NFO). Therefore, it is advisable to play 4dtoto with these NFO because all prizes winning are guaranteed paid in full without tax.
You can buy lottery ticket(s) or place your bet at any regional offices of these NFO or through telephone betting service. To buy a lottery ticket, firstly, buying a basic lottery ticket. Next, you have to choose your lucky numbers and determine how much you want to spend. Remember to bring proof of your age as ID or passport.

Then, indicate whether you would like to play multiple draws. After that, you have a lottery ticket and just wait for the draw.
This article contains all the most basic and useful information to help you in your 4dtoto game. Hope you can play the best and any suggestions and feedbacks are greatly welcome. Good luck!