MALAYSIA 4D RESULTS | ToTo 4D, Magnum 4D, DaMaCai 4D, Sabah & Sarawak 4D

Magnum 4D 萬能
Date: 17-01-2018 (Wed) Draw No: 947/18
1st Prize 首獎 1395
2nd Prize 二獎 2858
3rd Prize 三獎 7604
Special 特別獎
9801 4607 —- —- 1869
2304 0159 2624 6691 7701
1273 —- 4392
Consolation 安慰獎
2703 2224 7452 3102 1347
4337 3642 6530 0793 1091
Magnum 4D Powerball
Date: 17-01-2018 (Wed) Draw No: 947/18
Jackpot 1
1st (100%) 1395 + 33 60
2nd (50%) 2858 + 33 60
3rd (25%) 7604 + 33 60
Jackpot 2
Any Special or Consolation Prize + 33 60
RM 100
Any 4D 1st, 2nd or 3rd Prize
RM 20
Any 4D Special or Consolation Prize
RM 7
Any ONE Powerball 33 or 60

Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold
Date: 17-01-2018 (Wed) Draw No: 947/18
Jackpot 1
9 5 + 5 8 + 0 4 + 0 3
Jackpot 2
9 5 + 5 8 + 0   + 0 3
  5 + 5 8 + 0 4 + 0 3
3rd Prize
9 5 + 5 8 + 0 4 +    
4th Prize
9 5 + 5 8 + 0   +    
  5 + 5 8 + 0 4 +    
5th Prize
9 5 + 5 8 +     +    
    + 5 8 + 0 4 +    
6th Prize
9 5 + 5   +     +    
    +   8 + 0 4 +    
7th Prize
9 5 +     +     +    
    + 5 8 +     +    
    +     + 0 4 +    
Da Ma Cai 1+3D 大馬彩
Date: 17-01-2018 (Wed) Draw No: 4662/18
1st Prize 首獎 9563
2nd Prize 二獎 1410
3rd Prize 三獎 0478
Special 特別獎
6429 3548 4955 6468 2012
7147 6067 2951 0366 6856
Consolation 安慰獎
9884 7943 2714 1323 9019
3393 4482 8386 0571 8855

SportsToto 4D 多多
Date: 17-01-2018 (Wed) Draw No: 4715/18
1st Prize 首獎 4471
2nd Prize 二獎 2435
3rd Prize 三獎 2016
Special 特別獎
6342 2791 **** 0700 8494
4474 1952 6199 7409 3766
**** 2982 ****
Consolation 安慰獎
2770 3800 2320 4794 4541
1966 1517 1743 6544 6451

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Malaysia is regarded as one of the awesome place where there are so many opportunities for wellknow betting game providers such as  Toto 4d, Magnum 4D, Sporttoto, Damacai to improve their online gambling services which are quickly the betting improvement quickly delivered from the western nations these days.

Nevertheless, the online lottery in Malaysia is considered that it is still not the circumstance. In addition to the chances to chase the lottery results from the 4-D draws even on your smart phone and your computer, the game providers in Malaysia have not yet advanced a service to purchase lottery tickets in the internet.

The most popular played lottery game in Malaysia is the 4-Digit or the locals know it as 4-D. This lottery game falls absolutely out of the typical lotto games we get used to playing in most of the nations all over the world. The 4-D is played by picking a number ranging from 0000 to 9999. For the draws, 23 lucky numbers are picked and in the case that number of player is one of the numbers, next that player becomes a lottery winner.

The first legalized lottery provider in Malaysia was the Magnum 4D operator which was licensed by the State of Malaysia. Therefore, with the purpose of supporting gamblers, we will provide with a larger number of good supports and lottery products.


Establishment and services of result)

The web is a great combination among three Malaysia lottery including Magnum 4D, Sports Toto and Pan Malaysia 1+3D as well. In fact, the site we established is controlled by just an individual instead of a 4D SMS servicing company. Furthermore, in the first steps of operation, the website was put under control which is based on Blog system so as to provide all the draw 4d result. But it begins giving the online toto4d live4d result live today for users recently.

In order to meet the demand from the online gamblers for the lottery game, our site provides players with the online results of some types of lottery. They are Toto 4D, Magnum 4D, keputusan4d ,Singapore Pool, Da Ma Ca i 4D, Sabah & Sarawalk 4D. In the site, the online lottery 4d result will be announced from the draws on Wednesday, Saturday as well as Sunday in both Malaysia and Singapore. Additionally, there is a special draw which will be done on Tuesday only in Malaysia. Five lucky numbers for each kind of lottery ticket will be also mentioned in the

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We have updated the newest security program and the greatest professional online information protection. Thus we require the pretty minimum deal of private information from players with lottery tickets and we ensure that your information and records are safely filed.

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It is our responsibility to protect your funds as well as a reliable payout process. In case of the fact that you become the lottery winner, we will transfer your prize in time. And we will not cut off any proportion from your account for fee. It is impossible for other people to figure out whether a ticket is a winner if they are not members of those lottery games. The proper number of winners is in each pack and spread through each pack by accident and the tickets scratch simply, the play signals are simply read and realized.

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